Care of Jar

Most of the glass used in making the unique, one of a kind Sarabella Tuscan Jars is made of recycled glass imported from Spain and Italy. Recycled glass is typified by irregularities such as bubbles, dimples, flow, grid marks and rippling. This is not a flaw but, it is part of the decorative charm of these jars.

The bottom of the glass jar may have some roughness and may scratch some surfaces. Small felt padding will prevent any damage to your furniture.

The jars are made of glass and therefore are very fragile. Use care when shipping or moving these art pieces. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE TOP.

Sunlight or excessive heat may cause damage to the vibrant colors of the jar contents. Do not leave in an automobile or in the bright sun.

Contents of your Sarabella Tuscan Jar are artificial and for decorative use only.

The level of non-toxic, organic solution in your Sarabella may fluctuate in different climates.

To keep the glass bright you may clean with any glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

Good lighting is critical to display the Art of Sarabella

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