Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will the colors stay bright?

The bright colors in the Sarabella Tuscan Jars should remain vivid for many years due to the additives that have been mixed into the solutions.

2. Where can I find the price and dimensions of the jar?

Move the cursor over the jar and press the Enter key to see the price and all details of the jar.

3. How should I care for my Tuscan Jar?

Clean the glass exterior with regular glass cleaner. Keep the cloth and braided embellishments dry and dust free. Do not try to clean. Refer to the section, Care of my Sarabella Tuscan Jar. Do NOT try to remove the top of your Jar.

4. Can the jar scratch my furniture?

The bottom of the jar may have some rough edges. Use pad protectors as a precaution to prevent scratching.

5. What if my Sarabella Tuscan Jar is dropped?

Be extremely careful as the jar is glass and will break if not handled properly. Always support the jar when transporting it. If breakage occurs, be extremely careful handling the glass pieces.

6. Where is the best place to display my Sarabella?

Show your Tuscan Jar in a well lit area. Keep away from temperature extremes of heat or cold.

7. Will the fruit rot or disintegrate?

No. Unlike the jars of preservative fruits in the past, these Sarabella Jars will keep their shape and color because the fruit is artificial. The airbrush painting on the artificial fruit has been tested to determine if it will bleed. You may see bruising or blemishes in the fruit. This is purposeful to imitate the blemishes on real produce.

8. What is the artificial fruit made of?

Each fruit is made of different materials. Compressed wood, weighted plastics, Styrofoam, cultured stone, hollow plastic are all materials that have been used in the making of these fruits.

9. What makes the occasional bubbles inside the glass?

Our glassware may contain slight irregularities that include bubbles, rippling, or stress marks from the mold. This comes from the use of recycled glass. The majority of the glassware used in the creation of our Sarabella Tuscan Jars is recycled glass imported from Spain and Italy.

10. What makes up a custom Jar?

A custom jar is one where you have the choice of jar shape and size, ingredients inside the jar, cloth cover for the top of the jar and braiding choice. Custom jars take approximately 1 month to prepare.

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