About Us

Jim and Lynda - Sarabella Tuscan JarsWe have always been adventuresome spirits, business minded with a zest for life, but just at the time when we should be thinking about retirement, we are reeling over our newest found passion and business venture. The realization hit us that this could become sophisticated décor. Creating Sarabella Tuscan Jars has been a culmination of some of our deepest loves; food, décor, and artistry.

Our journey began 8 years ago with a trip to a Tuscan cooking school at Villa Delia, learning from the master chef Umberto Mengi. That single experience changed our lives. We were astounded by the visual feast we encountered at marketplaces everywhere. The colorful array of fruits and vegetables struck us as simply amazing. Italy became a part of us: its people, the cuisine, and the joy of being surrounded by fine and beautiful things. We were amazed at how the simplest things could hold such beauty. We saw many vegetables in jars but knew they eventually fade and ferment so we needed to learn of a better way of making beautiful jars. Sarabella was born!

These unique handcrafted Tuscan Jars capture the Italian art of living. Simple hand blown jars, using recycled glass from Spain and Italy, are filled with a cornucopia of life-like fruits and vegetables, gathered from around the world. These are nestled together to provide a feast for the eye. The colors are preserved to yield a phenomenal, lasting, end result. They look so real you want to take a bite. It takes approximately 1 month to craft each Tuscan Jar into perfection. A true labor of love! We are continually improvising and refining our techniques and we learn from every jar that is nurtured to become a showcase work of art.

We are delighted to share our Tuscan Jars with you and would welcome any custom designing you may want to consider.

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