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 Meet the Artists

"Our Sarabella Tuscan jars have added a wonderful new dimension to our lives.  Working with the vibrant color combinations and creating beautiful pieces has been a joy.  It is humbling to hear positive comments of so many people at the festival.  Each jar is like starting with a blank canvas and we are always amazed at the end product.  We are constantly seeking to improve our jars and the entire journey has been a wonderful learning experience."

Lynda Calder, Artist

Jim and Lynda Calder are very active in their community and support several non-profit organizations to benefit the arts, children and families. The Calder's are involved with the Forgotten Children Fund, an all volunteer organization that helps needy children share in the true spirit of Christmas providing gifts, food for famlies, wrap and delivery of items donated.

Jim and Lynda's passion for "giving back" extends to their work at Sarabella Tuscan Jars.  Elaborate pieces have been made to benefit local schools, and charity auctions.  They regularly donate to Breast Cancer Awareness, local Police funds, and Doctors without Borders. 

They have participated in Camp Goodtimes for childfren with cancer, support their local Boy Scouts and when called upon stand up for those in need.  Water for volunteers, boxes or storage space, or an extra hand...the Calder's are happy to thelp in anyway. 

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