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Just as business is an art, savoring the splendor of life's moments is also an art that must be nurtured. Jim and Lynda Calder have found that balance.  Combining their business skills with their passion for food, decor, and artistry...they have harnessed their adventurous spirits in the creation of Sarabella Tuscan Jar.


Charmed by the flavors of master Chef Umberto Mengi, who owns and operates fine Italian restaurants located throughout the Northwest, the Calders jumped at the chance to learn under his tutelage at a Tuscan cooking school in Villa Delia, Italy.  Ever the world travelers, they spend their days exploring the marketplaces and squares splashed with colorful culinary treats with tantalizing scents to awaken their senses. The Calder's became enamored with Italian culture as well as the spirit by which they savored cuisine, shared their rich heritage, and celebrated family, food, and life itself.  It is best said that the experience changed their lives.


The Calders Italian journey led them to explore their latest venture in combining their own love of food, interior decor, travel and love of beautiful things, to creat the sophisticated and stylish Sarabella Tuscan Jars.


The Jars are named after a dear friend of the couple and represent the beauty in finding joy in the simplest of nature's gifts.


The Calder's divide their time between their home and studio in Washington and their desert enclave and artist haven, the Coachella Valley. 

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