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Our Materials and Process

It takes approximately one month to create each Sarabella Tuscan Jar to exquisite perfection.  The process begins with the selection of the shape and size of simple hand blown jars made with recycled glass from Spain and Italy.  Calder then uses her imagination and talents to fill the jars with faux fruits and vegetables curated from all over the world.  Through her own research and travel, Calder sources a mix of products made of sponge, Styrofoam, wood, and plastic with painstaking detail.  The life-like fruits and vegetables are hand crafted or airbrushed to replicate produce with natural markings and characteristics.  Even cultured stones from Sweden become breathtaking "lemons", flaws and all, with careful consideration.


Each piece of produce selected undergoes a "fluid test" to make sure it will not bleed or disintegrate when mixed with Calder's "secret sauce".  The special solution is used to preserve the shape and color of the artificial fruit, once in the jar, and is non-toxic comprised of organic, healthy, food grade additives.


Using her imagination and a refined technique, Calder sculpts a visual cascade of produce, gluing each individual item in place to nestle them in such a way as to capture the light.  This is a challenge as the differenct weights and materials used in creating the fruits and vegetables can affect the jars fluid level.


After almost two weeks of marinating in Calder's "magic oil", the jars are ready to be sealed and finished with unique fabric and a braided cord imported from Germany, noting a distinguished authenticity.

When completed Sarabella Tuscan Jars are placed in just the right light, illuminating from within, shining their glow upon those who are drawn to their beauty.

These luxurious decorative accessories are available ready-made for purchase found in our Shop section.

Calder also welcomes the opportunity to work with interior designers, restaurateurs, commercial and residential clients to design custom jars of their choice.

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