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Sarabella Tuscan Art Pomegranates Lemon and Squash

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The passionate, original design of this massive Tuscan Jar astounds. This jar needs a stage. It has the timeless spirit of Italy. It will look awesome in a large, luxurious kitchen or as the welcome art on your reception table. This is like a chef statement you must regard with respect. The bright red squash, the mini lemons and limes and the red pomegranates come alive with color. This is truly a piece of art that makes a lasting impression.

Size: 9” wide x 14” tall.
Weight: 25.3 lbs.

Braiding: Cream
Top fabric: Sage Suede

Art Décor #143

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PLEASE NOTE: Sarabella Tuscan Jars are individually handcrafted as unique art pieces. Each jar contains artificial fruits and will have its own variations.  When a jar is sold, it takes one month to create another one in its image.
Sarabella Tuscan Jar Contents
Lemons Lemons Limes Limes Pears Pears Pomegranates Pomegranates
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