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Sarabella Tuscan Art Apricots

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Looking like apricots suspended in air, the appearance of this fruit is phenomenal. The tone is warm and the jar shape enhances the art. Each apricot is hand positioned in this tall slender Tuscan Jar from Italy. Placement of a jar this height is important. Measure your space and check the lighting and you may have discovered a mini masterpiece.

Size: 6.5” wide x 9.5” tall.
Weight: 14 lbs.

Braiding: Gold
Top fabric: Beige Burlap

Art Décor #82

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PLEASE NOTE: Sarabella Tuscan Jars are individually handcrafted as unique art pieces. Each jar contains artificial fruits and will have its own variations.  When a jar is sold, it takes one month to create another one in its image.
Sarabella Tuscan Jar Contents
Apricots Apricots
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