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Sarabella Tuscan Art Lemons and Tomatoes

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Can you feel the passion? The powerful colors of the bright, fresh looking lemons contrasted with the red glazed tomatoes make this culinary inspired art a true gem. Look for this piece at epicurean events both nationally and internationally.

Size: 10” wide x 12” tall.
Weight: 13.3 lbs.
Braiding: Gold/taupe
Top fabric: Tomato suede

Art Décor #168
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PLEASE NOTE: Sarabella Tuscan Jars are individually handcrafted as unique art pieces. Each jar contains artificial fruits and will have its own variations.  When a jar is sold, it takes one month to create another one in its image.
Sarabella Tuscan Jar Contents
Lemon Slices Lemon Slices Lemons Lemons Tomatoes Tomatoes
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