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Sarabella Tuscan Art Peas

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Sarabella Tuscan Jars inventory includes extensive offerings of unique jars. This jar of peas in their pod can stand tall among the best. It is almost mesmerizing and peaceful to gaze at all these bright green peas nestled together.

Show it off in your entertaining area or in your epicurean kitchen. It would be well received in a restaurant or fresh market place.

Size: 7” x 20.5” tall.
Weight: 12.3 lbs.

Braiding: Gold/Black
Top fabric: Black satin

Art Décor: #170

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PLEASE NOTE: Sarabella Tuscan Jars are individually handcrafted as unique art pieces. Each jar contains artificial fruits and will have its own variations.  When a jar is sold, it takes one month to create another one in its image.
Sarabella Tuscan Jar Contents
Peas Peas
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